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Bachmann HO Civil War Set - Confederate

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Bachmann HO Civil War Set - Confederate
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Bachmann HO Civil War Set - Confederate

With the shots fired at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, the War Between the States officially began 150 years ago. Railroading would play a key role in the Civil War, providing logistical support and carrying munitions, supplies, and troops to each side’s respective armies in the field. Lacking the financial power and the more standardized rail system of their Northern counterparts, Southern-held railroads relied heavily on the ingenuity of their railroad men to support the troops. A typical Confederate consist featured an assortment of commandeered railing stock bearing the names of a variety of Southern railroads.

In a similar fashion, our Commemorative 150th Anniversary Edition Civil War - Confederate set comes complete with:

• 4-4-0 American locomotive with operating headlight and tender
• water car (Manassas Gap)
• box car (Savannah , Albany & Gulf)
• gondola (Fredericksburg & Potomac)
• flat car (Mississippi Central & Louisiana)
• bobber caboose (Atlanta & West Point)
• 56â x 38â oval of E-Z Track® including 12 pieces of curved track, 3 pieces of straight track, and 1 plug-in terminal rerailer
• 100-piece set of Civil War military figures (gray)
• 3 cannons
• 4 horses
• power pack and speed controller
• illustrated instruction manual