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DCS Commander Controller

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DCS Commander Controller
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              The DCS Commander is the easiest and most economical way to access the dozens of command control functions programmed into Proto-Sound locomotives.* The Commander features clearly labeled, one-button control of more than 32 engine functions; no function keys or special codes to remember; and more features than any DCC system made today. Use the engine menu to select and control up to 10 different DCS engines from a single Commander at the same time on the same track — or switch back to DCC or analog DC operation with the push of a button.

In DCS mode, the large LCD screen identifies your locomotive's number and provides readouts for scale speed and active features.  In conventional mode, the LCD provides track voltage and amperage level readouts, making the Commander a full-featured DC controller.

Adding a DCS Commander to your existing layout is simple: just insert it into the wires that connect your DC transformer or DCC system to the track. The Commander can accept any power input (AC, DC or DCC) and output analog DC with voltage and amperage displays. The Commander also acts as a passive conduit for your DCC signal until you press the button to switch to DCS or conventional operation.

*DCS Commander works with all Proto-Sound 3.0 locomotives (including all M.T.H. HO locomotives) and with Proto-Sound 2.0 locomotives with onboard 3-volt system.  Proto-Sound 2.0 three-volt systems can be identified by their square battery-charging jack on the locomotive chassis. See the operator's manual for the exact location of the charging jack.

  • Speed adjustment in one-scale-mile-per hour steps
  • Independent feature control: tune your engines' sound, lights, smoke and acceleration/deceleration settings
  • Smoke on/off
  • Doppler sounds: simulate the classic sound effect of a train approaching and then whizzing past
  • Accent sounds: activate any one of 7 individual sounds, including signal forward and reverse sounds, coupler slack, engine start-up and shut-down, engine labor and drift
  • Activate Passenger Station and Freight Yard Sounds
  • Individual locomotive control: select up to 10 Proto-Sound 2.0 or 3.0 engines
  • Selectable control configurations: choose between analog DC, DCC and DCS modes