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Throttlepack 9900 DC High Power Train Controller

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Throttlepack 9900 DC High Power Train Controller
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The Throttlepack 9900 replaces MRC's Trainpower 6200 (AA222) with a complete revamp and new circuitry. The Throttlepack 9900 operates more efficiently and under cooler temperatures. Rated at 80 watts (5.5 amps) vs. The Trainpower 6200s 60 watts (3.5 amps) the new design provides much more power. The Throttlepack 9900 has a mode switch to increase the voltage from smaller scales (HO and N), making it perfect for G gauge locomotives. The Throttlepack 9900 also offers an optional walkaround control as well.

80 watts (5.5 amps)
Braking switch
Direction switch
Momentum switch
Runs all scales of DC operated trains
HO or G selection button

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