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RMT 92614 O Santa Fe F3 AA BEEF Diesel Locomotive Set

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RMT 92614 O Santa Fe F3 AA BEEF Diesel Locomotive Set
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Description SANTA FE Railroad painting and lettering in the classic 'Warbonnet' silver and red paint scheme. The SANTA FE's 'warbonnet' paint scheme used on passenger and dual service passenger/freight F-types is one of the most familiar and enduring images in railroading...lasting on SANTA FE F-types from the 1940's until passenger service ended in 1971 with AMTRAK. Warbonnet, however, is primarily a toy train hobbyist term; SF employees normally referred to these locomotives by the descriptive term red nose.The BEEF® features...(*new UPGRADES) ...scale width/height and is approx. 10 inches long ...fixed position pilot on A unit ...interior cab detail with individual BEEPeople® engineer/fireman seated figures and opening cab doors ...dual motors ...electronic reverse F-N-R ...*directional front headlights and rear backup light on A Unit ...flexible diaphragms ...operating metal knuckle couplers windows ...metal hand rails ...*metal roof lift-rings ...*movable roof fan blades ...*metal side grilles ...detailed metal chassis with multi-wheel electrical pickup.
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