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GP-9 Dummy Minneapolis & St. Louis

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GP-9 Dummy Minneapolis & St. Louis
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GP-9 Dummy Minneapolis & St. Louis

Road Name: Minneapolis & St. Louis

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The GP, or General Purpose, class was introduced in 1949. General Motors built more than 4,000GP models for more than 45 railroads over the next twelve years. This locomotive is so versatile that many railroads rebuilt them and continue to use them today, over 40 years later. Ours is true to scale size, and will operate on curves as tight as 0-27. •navigates 0-27 curves •length 13", height 4" •powdered metal wheels •durable ABS plastic shell •die-cast trucks, truck sides, pilots, and fuel tank •die-cast operating couplers •dual headlights •sturdy stamped metal handrails *cab number varies from powered unit

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