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GATX TankTrain 2 Pack (black) #48677/48636

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GATX TankTrain 2 Pack (black) #48677/48636
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Fitted with flexible piping between the cars, blocks of Tank Train tanks could be unloaded from a single connection to make unloading faster and facilities more compact. Commonly associated with the "oil can" trains on the Southern Pacific, Tank Train operations can be found all across North America and continue today. Add or expand on these interesting operations on your layout with these new sets! End car sets feature the correct piping for the lead and tail car, including a working End of Train Device on the coupler of the last car. Add intermediate cars to stretch your consist with 8 numbers available in each scheme! Typical cuts of cars range from three to thirteen cars.

    2-Packs Feature:
  • 1 "A" end car
  • 1 "B" end car with working EOT
  • 1 Connecting hose / pair
  • All Cars Feature:
  • Die-cast metal trucks with rotating bearing caps and operating couplers
  • Flexible connecting hose between tank cars
  • Separately applied metal details