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AF New York Central FlyerChief GP7 #5628

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AF New York Central FlyerChief GP7 #5628
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Perfect for use in your yards or out on the mainline, the GP7 is ready for action on your layout. Operate with transformer, remote or app control!


  • Bluetooth equipped
  • FlyerChief™ control with user selected operational modes: Conventional AC transformer control mode or FlyerChief™ wireless remote control with AC or DC power
  • Constant speed control maintains speed on curves and grades
  • LED Lights
  • On / Off Switches for background sounds, smoke, and transformer remote operation mode
  • RailSounds RC™ sound system with steam chuffing, background sounds, whistle, horn, bell and announcements
  • User activated announcements vary when train is stationary or in motion
  • Detailed cab backhead
  • Traction tires
  • Duel ElectroCouplers™
  • Directional Headlights