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Pennsylvania Coal Hauler LEGACY Set

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Pennsylvania Coal Hauler LEGACY Set
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As the railroads worked hard to support the war effort, many applied special slogans to equipment as traveling billboards to help rally employees and civilians alike. On the Pennsylvania, "Coal Goes to War" and "Buy War Bonds" appeared on hoppers, boxcars and cabooses. Interestingly, No. 7688 was one of several H10s equipped for passenger service on troop trains during the war and is the perfect locomotive to lead this train of wartime freight.

Pennsylvania Railroad and other are trademarks owned by Consolidated Rail Corporation and are used here with permission.
  • LEGACY Pennsylvania H10 #1773
  • Pennsylvania GLa hopper #140162 w/ Coal Goes to War slogan
  • Pennsylvania GLa hopper #166658
  • Berwind Coal GLa hopper #4038
  • Pennsylvania X31 boxcar # w/69020 Buy War Bonds slogan
  • Pennsylvania N5 caboose #477027 w/ Buy War Bonds slogan